At Truly Scrumptious, we take pride in making everything ourselves. All desserts home-produced by Tania.


Homemade Tropical Fruit Cheesecake - served with Strawberry Coulis  
(Serves 12-14)  €25.00


Homemade Apple and Summer Berry Crumble

Brambly apples cooked with delicious summer berries and topped with our special recipe oaty crumble

€2.95 per person


Chocolate and Pear Roulade filled with a rum cream and chocolate sauce

(Served 12-14) €25.00


Homemade Pavlovas topped with fresh fruit of the

season and cream (Gluten Free)*

€2.95 per person


Tropical Fruit Salad with fresh cream

€2.95 per person


Homemade Chocolate Profiteroles filled with

vanilla fresh cream

€2.95 per person


Mini Meringue Pyramid luscious mini meringues filled with

a lemon cream

€2.95 per person


Homemade Pear, or Berry and Almond Tart

(Serves 12-14) €25.00


Birthday cakes - We also make delicious cakes.

How about a Pavlova or a Chocolate Fudge Cake?

€2.95 per person

*Although we do everything in our power to produce your gluten free order, we cannot guarantee as we have normal flour in our kitchen.